Lunch Break Updates. #NeedMoarCoffee.

  • Added Watch Dogs: Legion. Everyone knows Helen is the real main character.
  • Fixed issue with adding multiple keywords because having to add 1 at a time is really lame.
  • Added Dylan Gafner to Destiny 2 accounts aka DMG04, Community Manager for Bungie
  • Added Chris Shannon to Destiny 2 accounts aka Cozmo23, Community Manager for Bungie
  • Enabled keyword list for Destiny 2 because DeStinY2ThiNgs

Mobile / Customization

  • Added Reddit Posts. Previously only pulled in Reddit comments.. Whoops?
  • Updated UI for a better mobile experience. You know.. so everything isn't smooshed together and you can actually reeeeead.
  • Updated Configure Game Page to allow resetting individual components. Just in case you didn't want to blow away ALL the things ALL the time! Sheblam!
  • "Replies" checkbox on Account Selector applies to Reddit comments now. Yes, I know that before this update all things Reddit were "replies". Don't judge me.
  • Added Customization Guide because too many buttons and -- Ohh what does this one do?!
  • Added Update notes so I can tell you about all the things I've broken! And then fixed. Hopefully before you realized they were broken. But probably not.

Pre-Writing Era
100 P.W.E.

  • All the other things I did before I started writing things down because I did them.. so they're important! Just not important enough to remember... or write down.